• Sharon has just delivered what may have been my son’s favourite lesson to date. The focus, structure & development through the session was outstanding- and his beaming smile between lengths has been my highlight of January. 

    - Swim School – Level 5

  • The lessons were so good, my husband and I became full members and am actually enjoying it.

    - Swim School – Adult Beginner

  • I’d just like to say thanks to Alex for Havant swimming school for teaching daughter and giving her confidence in the pool.

    - Swim School – Young Beginner

  • Can I also take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Jane especially, and the other instructors who have helped my son, and Sharon also. Jane has been brilliant with him and understands him, and she is a fantastic teacher.

    - Swim School – Level 7 – 8

  • I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my swimming lessons. I am 69 years old and wanted to be able to swim when I go on holiday, this year I am going to Jamaica.

    I have never been able to swim or float. With Kirsty in charge, I have made some progress and am very happy I am on the right track.

    - Pete – Adult Swimming Lessons

  • I have to say that the rehabilitation programme was excellent. The programme produced for me was tailored to my needs. Also, the fact that staff at Horizon were always available to provide support and advice was very reassuring. As a result of the exercise programme, I generally felt much better. I was far less fatigued, my arm movements and associated nerve pain improved, and the swelling in my arm also reduced.

    - Jan Beynon

  • I joined Horizon due to its price and location. Since joining Horizon, it has improved my overall motivation towards exercise and fitness as well as seeing results in my body. Since January, I have lost 1 stone 3 lbs and have dramatically increased my cardio. I have gained a newfound confidence due to my changing body, and I have gained new knowledge with my exercise routines thanks to the gym staff.

    - Jenna O’Rourke

  • Nice local gym in Merrow. Offers a lot of decent gym equipment and the studio looks great. Best part for me are the variety of classes available throughout the week.

    - Shelly Nuqui

  • The Horizon is a very good Gym. It has plenty of equipment to use for a variety of exercises and all are new. Very smart and stylish inside helps the gym look modern and has a friendly and chilled atmosphere.

    - Callum Ward

  • I took my kids to a birthday party, and was the first time I went to this place really like it it’s so clean and big, the lady in the reception has a lovely smile on her face and she is helpful. I recommended this place to everyone have kids and going again.

    - Amal Salassy

  • Great centre with an amazing gym and superb studio.  The staff are friendly, and they keep the place clean and tidy.

    - Freddie

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