• Since joining the over 55 men’s weights class for the 6 week course at the Wellbeing Hub, it has changed my life. Having the opportunity to train with people who have the same objective is a great motivator. Abigail is a first-class trainer who assists us individually and with a passion. I have enjoyed the Hub so much that I signed up for the another 6 week course. In the 12 weeks I have trained, I have managed to reverse my diabetes, which is a massive bonus. So, if you want to improve your health as you age, the Horizon Wellbeing Hub is the perfect place to start.

    - The Wellbeing Hub – Mark

  • I would love to shout out to the ladies I’m the crèche at Waterlooville. My daughter has loved going to the crèche and had her last session today before starting school. The ladies are excellent with the children and do so much with them. It has made me feel much less guilty knowing she’s enjoying the crèche while I workout. We will both miss seeing their smiley faces every week.

    - The Crèche – Horizon Waterlooville

  • Thank you so much for taking care of me. Love Jess

    Thank you so much for welcoming us so warmly to the creche. Ellie settled so well, and I’ve been so happy and comfortable for Ellie to stay with you while I get some ‘me’ time.

    Thank you so much for being so kind and welcoming. You always put the boys at ease if they were upset and always reassured me when I needed it.

    Thank you so much for taking such good care of Miles in the creche while I go to the gym. He loves coming into you, and it’s so nice knowing he is so well looked after.

    Thank you for looking after me and making mummy feel okay about leaving me! I have loved playing with you and will miss you. We think you are wonderful!

    - The Crèche – Horizon Waterlooville

  • There is no other gym that offers such an incredible Creche service included in the price of the membership! The Creche and its staff ate the best thing the gym has to offer, and they should be rewarded greatly! It is a service in such big demand, and it is so necessary in order to allow parents and guardians to exercise, which massively helps people’s mental health!

    We can do this knowing our children are in such incredible care! The ladies who run the Waterlooville Creche are outstanding. I would not have joined had it not been for the Creche and I would not recommend it to other parents or friends if it didn’t have one.

    - The Crèche – Horizon Waterlooville

  • I just wanted to say how impressed I was with Alex teaching level one at 6pm this evening, my son had his first lesson with him this evening after passing his young beginners class last week. My Son massively struggles with change and was extremely anxious about going into Alex’s class after realising everything was different and with no familiar faces. Alex worked with myself and him in such a caring way that he came out of his first class with him very happy and calm, I really want you to know how much I appreciate it and what a difference it makes to us, his calm manner made it so much easier for my son.

    - Swim School – Level 1

  • Sharon has just delivered what may have been my son’s favourite lesson to date. The focus, structure & development through the session was outstanding- and his beaming smile between lengths has been my highlight of January. 

    - Swim School – Level 5

  • The lessons were so good, my husband and I became full members and am actually enjoying it.

    - Swim School – Adult Beginner

  • I’d just like to say thanks to Alex for Havant swimming school for teaching daughter and giving her confidence in the pool.

    - Swim School – Young Beginner

  • Can I also take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Jane especially, and the other instructors who have helped my son, and Sharon also. Jane has been brilliant with him and understands him, and she is a fantastic teacher.

    - Swim School – Level 7 – 8

  • I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my swimming lessons. I am 69 years old and wanted to be able to swim when I go on holiday, this year I am going to Jamaica.

    I have never been able to swim or float. With Kirsty in charge, I have made some progress and am very happy I am on the right track.

    - Pete – Adult Swimming Lessons

  • I have to say that the rehabilitation programme was excellent. The programme produced for me was tailored to my needs. Also, the fact that staff at Horizon were always available to provide support and advice was very reassuring. As a result of the exercise programme, I generally felt much better. I was far less fatigued, my arm movements and associated nerve pain improved, and the swelling in my arm also reduced.

    - Jan Beynon

  • I joined Horizon due to its price and location. Since joining Horizon, it has improved my overall motivation towards exercise and fitness as well as seeing results in my body. Since January, I have lost 1 stone 3 lbs and have dramatically increased my cardio. I have gained a newfound confidence due to my changing body, and I have gained new knowledge with my exercise routines thanks to the gym staff.

    - Jenna O’Rourke

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