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Expert Personal Trainers: Your Path to Success at All Horizon Gyms

All Horizon Gyms have friendly experienced teams of Personal Trainers possessing a variety of specialisms including weight loss & toning. Whether you’re training at Havant, Waterlooville or Guildford, if you need that extra push or a little more structure to your workouts then our team of personal trainers are on hand to help.

Take your gym workout to another level with a qualified personal trainer guiding and pushing you to new levels of health and wellbeing.

About Personal Trainers at Horizon Leisure Centres

Horizon Gyms have a team of personal trainers who have a variety of specialisms including:

  • Event Training
  • Pre/post Natal Training
  • Martial Arts
  • MMA Fitness
  • Building Confidence Through Exercise
  • Weight Loss & Toning
  • Improving Muscular Endurance
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Core Stability & Flexibility

How Can a Personal Trainer Help Me?

Having a personal trainer can really keep you motivated and help you achieve your personal goals. Our customers employ a personal trainer to help them recover from injury or an operation and also help them achieve their fitness or weight goals.

Personal trainers are specialists in other areas too, such as nutrition advise. Lots of customers train with a personal trainer once or twice a week and review their progress regularly.

Please Note: Personal trainers are not included in the Membership packages. For prices please contact the personal trainer directly as they set their own rates.

Meet Your Personal Trainers

Ben Coles

Hi, I’m Ben! I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years now and I have been delivering personal training sessions at Horizon Leisure Centres for the last 8 years. I’ve always had a passion for fitness and I’ve worked with a number of different clients over the last 8 years.

Head over to my website to see some of my client’s amazing results! Contact Me!


Level 4 Specialist In Cancer Rehabilitation
Level 3 Diploma In Exercise Referral
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Circuit Training Instructor
Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor
Optimum Nutrition For Health & Performance
Black Belt In Kickboxing


Reducing body fat and improving your physique
Building muscle and strength
Creating sustainable eating habits
Online coaching
Exercising with injuries/medical conditions
Support and nutritional guidance

Lewis Walkinshaw

I wanted to become a Personal Trainer as I have always had a passion for helping people whether that be volunteering, just being there for those close to me or when I served in the Royal Navy for 2 years helping the country. I developed the motto “focus your mind, your body will follow” as I now want to help you get into the shape you have always wanted but not by typically focusing on looking the best physically but by getting you to focus on your mind as your body will just fall in line.

My vision is that in an era of social media where people focus so much on how they look by comparing themselves to others bodies, I feel instead that by making the gym and diet an automatic process will lead to a positive habitual result developing. If you are looking at my profile now you are already making a step to conquering your mental processes.

The gym can be intimidating especially on top of the mental struggles we face on a daily basis. I suffered badly from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) at a young age which led to perfectionism and anxiety developing as I got older but I have managed to conquer these by nailing down my thoughts and changing them predominantly in sport and in the gym. I mention this, as I am now obsessed with helping others grow and develop their mindset as I did as it does not define who you are! Now I am fully qualified, I can dedicate all my time to help you and the struggles you might face daily to get you in the best shape whilst having fun along the way. Let’s make this game we call life become automatic by contacting me to start your journey!


BSc Sport & Exercise Sciences Degree
Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer


Helping you to understand your mental processes
Make going to the gym and eating healthier automatic
Training your mental resilience to overcome anything
Developing muscle hypertrophy
Developing the fundamentals

Charles Hardingham

Hey, welcome to my PT page!

I have a quick question for you, Are you that somebody looking for help and assistance to take your fitness and wellbeing to the next level?

Then I could offer the solution you have been looking for! I am extremely passionate about helping people strive to become the absolute best versions of themselves.

Understanding your personal circumstances and supporting you to reach achievable and sustainable goals that fit in with your lifestyle.

I am full of enthusiasm, positivity and knowledge and can guide you along the road towards health and happiness! Take the first step today!


Certified Level 2 Gym Instructor
Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Massage Therapist


Strength and Conditioning
Sport specific training
Muscle tone and development
Gym confidence
Injury Prevention

Dan Saunders

One of the reasons I decided to become a Personal Trainer was to help other people like me, who haven’t always been into fitness. Those that can feel overwhelmed by the gym and want to know they are using the gym safely and correctly.

Having now been a coach for 9 years, guiding people through their fitness journey to reach their goals. Whether that’s building confidence through being stronger, understanding how to balance lives and fitness or enjoying showing up and getting better.

I want to help you set goals and focus on what you can do to achieve them.


Personal Trainer Level 3
Level 3 NVQ in Personal Training
Exercise Referral Instructor
Small Group Training
Coaching for Powerlifting


How to avoid yo-yo dieting with better habits
Getting you gym confident
Creating personalised programmes that you enjoy
Practical training advice
Help learning or improving exercise technique and form

Josh Cantillon

During my years in the fitness industry I’ve learned that ‘fitness’ doesn’t mean the same to everyone. Whether your goal is to put on some muscle, lose some body fat or gain some much needed confidence I’ll help to guide you there.

The gym can be an intimidating and overwhelming place at times, but with some guidance it can be a place to help improve both your physical and mental health.

I’ll make sure you’re not only exercising efficiently but safely, allowing you to push yourself to be the best version of yourself with my support. We’ll focus on developing sustainable habits along the way and always focus on having fun.


Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Circuit Training
Functional Training
Nutrition and Weight Management
Online Programming and coaching
Strength and Conditioning


Building your confidence
Getting you stronger and fitter
Creating sustainable habits
Writing personalised programmes to suit your goals
Helping you to rebuild strength after injury or illness

Russell Pope

As someone who was never overly interested in sports, joining a gym and finding my passion came as a surprise. My mission is to help as many people as I can to find their passion, improve their mental and physical health, and achieve their goals. Maybe I could help you?

Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer

Strength and Conditioning
Body recomposition
Weight loss.

Libby Stratton – Guildford Only

Sport has always been my passion. My childhood was dedicated to perfecting my sporting expertise. I’ve always loved football, netball, basketball and swimming. Working as part of a team has always been something I’ve strived at. This led to me earning a football scholarship in America and returning to play for Fulham Women’s first team. When I’m not saving goals, I’m in the gym. I love finding new and inventive ways to reach fitness goals, while ensuring there’s an element of fun.


Level 2: Certificate in Fitness Instructing
Level 3: Certificate in Personal Training
Level 3: Sport and Exercise Science


Strength Training
Weight Loss
Sport Specific Training
Nutritional Advice

Petra Bodecs – Guildford Only

I fell in love with the gym 10+ years ago and became a fitness professional in 2017. For me, training is beyond the aesthetics, it’s about feeling mentally and physically strong, confident and able to progress not only on the gym floor but in everyday life.

I tailor my sessions to the person’s needs and abilities as everyone is different. My main focus is core strength, stability and laying down a solid foundation to prevent injuries further down in the client’s fitness journey.

I’m also passionate about boxing, so if you’d like to learn new skills or just let some steam out, I’m happy to teach you.


Level 2 – Fitness Instructor
Level 3 – Personal Trainer
NASM – Stretching and Flexibility Coach
Boxing and Pad work
Strength and Conditioning
Circuits and Bootcamp
Menopause Movement


Muscle Building
Weight Management
Functional Training
Strength and Conditioning
Mobility and Stretching
Boxing and Pad work
Peri and Post-Menopausal Women

Matt Evans

What can I help you with?

  • Mind and body transformation
  • Aesthetic and athletic performance
  • Fat loss
  • Muscle building
  • Mental well-being
  • Food without fear
  • Myth busting

Qualifications & Specialist Areas

  • Gym Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Sports Nutrition

Contact Details:

Jess Bigwood

Keeping fit and exercising has always been a huge party of my life since the age of 5 when I started dancing. For years I always thought dance would be my career however I then found my love for the gym 4 years ago.

Going to the gym quickly became part of my routine however like most people I was always very timid going to the weight section, it was out of my comfort zone and always busy so I would do anything to avoid it. I slowly started to push myself and try new things over the years and the next thing you know I now think nothing of it.

My goal with my clients is to make them feel confident within the gym and within themselves, I want exercising to be fun and not so much a chore. I want to do my best to help people reach their fitness goals whatever they may be. I love seeing people happy and grow into a better version of themselves and I’m here to help with that.


Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
First Aid Trained


Strength training
Weight loss

Contact me

Sean Kinsella

A former Physical Training Instructor in the Royal Air Force, Metropolitan Police, Prison Service and PE Teacher at Secondary school level. I have been involved in the sports and fitness industry for over 40 years and continue to compete in cycling sportives, obstacle course races and fitness competitions such as Hyrox and Nuclear Fit. I have worked with a wide variety of people across a broad range of sports and fitness programmes. My clients have developed confidence, fitness, new physical skills as well as becoming qualified Sports Leaders and Gym Instructors. I specialise in strength and conditioning for clients of all abilities and also offer bespoke packages catering for weight management and fitness improvement. I offer 1:2:1 and small group training sessions. For further details or to book a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


B. Ed (Hons) Physical Education.
Level 3 Personal Trainer.
Level 2 Gym Instructor.
Level 2 Circuit training Instructor.
Boxercise Instructor.
Studio cycling Instructor.


Strength & conditioning


Abbie Stevens

During my school and teen years, exercise was actually something I actively avoided. I was always that child trying to get out of PE one way or another. It wasn’t until a friend took me along to a gym session that passion for exercise and fitness transpired.

When my fitness journey started, I had very little knowledge. I was over exercising, eating too little and created some unhealthy habits. It was only when I started to learn more that I realised my fitness habits were hindering me and I knew I needed to change. I hired my own personal trainer, gained more knowledge and my self-esteem and confidence grew rapidly, which was something I had always struggled with.

As my confidence grew, I started to challenge myself further and further. I even set myself a goal and completed a fitness photoshoot which was something if someone would have told me I’d have been doing 4 years ago, I would have laughed at them.

This confidence and love for bettering myself lead me to wanting to train as a Personal Trainer. I was working as a Primary School Teacher at the time but wasn’t fulfilled. I loved the teaching side, however wanted to do it with more focus on my passion for fitness.

My aim for my clients is to create healthy habits within them that are sustainable and also enjoyable. I love to see people grow in confidence and accomplish things they never thought they could. I have experienced being over-weight and underweight and have now found a happy medium. This enables me to be able to emphasise with my clients and be able to understand all the struggles people may face.


Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer


An understanding in eating disorders
How exercise can positively impact mental health
Developing muscle
Fat loss in a healthy way
Strength and conditioning

  • Ben Coles

  • Lewis Walkinshaw

  • Charles Hardingham

  • Dan Saunders

  • Josh Cantillon

  • Russell Pope

  • Libby Stratton – Guildford Only

  • Petra Bodecs – Guildford Only

  • Matt Evans

  • Jess Bigwood

  • Sean Kinsella

  • Abbie Stevens

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