Swimming - what to expect

Both main pools at Waterlooville and Havant are now open. You should note however the splash pools will remain closed.

Anyone wishing to attend our swimming pools should familiarise themselves with the following new protocols before they attend:

- Please be aware that upon entering Horizon Leisure Centres the wearing of face masks is mandatory until you reach the activity you have come for. You do not have to wear a face mask whilst you are swimming or exercising, consuming food/drink or if you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering.

- Double lane swimming only will be available in the first phase of re-opening.

- Swimming sessions will be 45-minutes long and will have to be pre-booked via the Horizon app or website. You will be able to book into either a slow, medium, fast or front-crawl lane.

- Members can email for their membership ID number and pin to book sessions.

- Any non-members that wish to use our services on a pay as you go basis should call reception so we may register you and provide you with your log in details so you book and pay online.
Waterlooville – 02392245900, Havant – 02392476026

- All swimmers should sanitise and/or wash their hands when entering the leisure centre

- Swimmers will need to arrive ‘beach ready’ as changing rooms for arriving swimmers will not be available. Afterwards the recommendation is still that you please exit swiftly. However changing rooms, showers for a quick rinsing off and cubicles will be available for drying off, changing (we recommend you bring a robe) and exiting. Please note that lockers will not be available for public use.

- Private belongings can be left in a designated area at the poolside so we would recommend you only bring the bare minimum with you.

- Swimmers will need to ensure they swim in a one directional route and there will be no overtaking.

- At the end of a swim all swimmers will need to make their way out of the exit as promptly as possible so we can conduct a clean of the pool side.

- With regards to swimming children are welcome but we do ask the child is capable and strong enough to lane swim in a 25M pool for a large % of the 45 minute session and that they are supervised by a swimming adult. Any child under the age of 16 will be subject to a swim test if the lifeguard feels they are not a competent

- The spectator seating area at Waterlooville Leisure Centre is currently closed. When supervising children in the pool, the supervising parent will need to be in the pool with children and not on the side.

3 strike rule

If customers do not cancel their gym, swim, toning class or exercise session within 3 hours of it starting, they will receive one strike on their account.

The 1st and 2nd strike will stay on your account for 6 weeks. Once the member has 3 strikes they cannot pre book for 7 days.

Customers must sign in at reception or via the kiosk or turn style where present BEFORE every gym, swim and class session. Thank you for your co-operation.

Horizon Memberships

Dear Horizon Thank you!

  • "I just wanted to thank all the management and staff at Horizon leisure centres ( Havant and Waterlooville). I have really appreciated the efforts you have all gone to to keep us all safe. The centres are spotless... and all the staff are very helpful. I started when my children were babies ( now in their 20s )…. They were both reluctant swimmers and thanks to your wonderful teachers they became club/ county swimmers. I found my love of swimming myself through the adult swim class on Thursday am at Havant and after retiring became a Platinum member. The post COVID arrangements for swimmers has been fantastic with use of app to book sessions....I appreciate all you are doing to keep us all active."

    Karyn, Platinum Member
  • "I went for my first swim today and first visit to Horizon for what must be 25 years!
    Wow! I am impressed. The app is brilliant, all my email enquiries have been answered promptly, lovely lady on the phone to get my PIN the other week, the helpfulness of the staff when I arrived today and didn’t know where I was going, the cleanliness of everything, the way the pool lanes were organised, the professionalism of all staff encountered face to face and over email. And all great value for money!

    It has made me decide I won’t be going back to my original leisure club when they reopen because quite frankly your high standards put them to shame.

    Thank you for all the hard work and efforts to help keep us visitors / members fit and healthy. I can only imagine the hard work that’s gone into reopening".

    Deborah Cooper