Discover a World of Possibilities for Your Child with THRIVE!

Experience THRIVE, Horizon’s exclusive initiative tailored for active children and youths aged 0-15. Our goal is to cultivate vibrant and active lifestyles, empowering the young minds in our community to embark on new adventures and unleash their maximum potential through an array of engaging activities and programmes.

Why THRIVE with Horizon?

  • Inclusive Enjoyment: Our activities cater to individuals with varying physical abilities, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.
  • Support for Busy Parents: We understand the challenges of juggling a busy schedule. THRIVE is here to support parents by providing engaging activities for their children.
  • Physical Competence and Personal Growth: THRIVE focuses on enhancing physical competence and social and personal skills, going beyond traditional sports to promote overall family wellbeing.

Family-Friendly Clubs

At Horizon, we take pride in offering clubs welcoming spaces for the entire family. Our clubs provide a safe and secure environment for families and children to relax, stay active, and cherish precious moments together.

THRIVE for the Whole Family

Finding time for family activities can be challenging in the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives. THRIVE classes, designed for children aged 2 to 15, offer a perfect solution. Scheduled shortly after the school day ends, these classes provide a creative outlet for children, allowing them to engage in activities while parents focus on their wellbeing.

Family Fitness Activities

Our THRIVE clubs recognise the importance of quality family time. Joining your child at the gym promotes physical health and boosts confidence and self-worth. Look for activities marked with WF letters, indicating options suitable for the whole family.



Discover all that THRIVE has to Offer!

Clubs and Classes

THRIVE with Horizon Memberships

  • THRIVE with Horizon

    From £25 /month

    • For ages 0 - 15
    • Junior Gym 10+
    • All THRIVE Clubs and Classes
    • Inclusive Public Swimming
    • Oceans of Play - 4pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Family up to 5

    From £95 /month

    • Children aged 0 - 15
    • Access to Award Winning Gyms
    • Junior Gym 10+
    • Adult and THRIVE Classes
    • Racquets
    • Inclusive Public Swimming
    • Family Float Sessions
    • Oceans of Play - 4pm Saturday and Sunday

    For families with up to five members.


    From £50 /month

    • Everything in THRIVE Plus you choice of weekly* Swimming, Gymnastics or Trampolining lesson

    *50 weeks per year

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