Junior Gym Sessions

Junior Gym Sessions: Fun and Safe Fitness for Ages 10-15

Introducing our Junior Workout Sessions, specially designed for young people aged between 10 and 15 years old at our Havant and Waterlooville gyms. We believe in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age, and our supervised sessions provide a safe and enjoyable environment for young fitness enthusiasts.

During the first Junior gym session, we ensure a seamless and safe experience by conducting an induction. We kindly request that a parent or guardian be present during this induction to fill in a medical form, sign a consent form, and agree to the terms and conditions. Our priority is to keep your child’s wellbeing at the forefront.

  • Where: Havant and Waterlooville
  • When: Monday to Friday 4-6pm, Saturday & Sunday 10-12pm and 2-4pm
  • Who: 10-15 year olds
  • Cost: £4.50 (community discount applicable)

To book a gym induction please book via the app or call the leisure centre directly.

Learn and Exercise Safely

Our comprehensive induction is designed to familiarise participants with cardiovascular machines and bodyweight exercises. We emphasise safe and correct techniques, ensuring they can confidently engage in workouts. Please note that strength training is not permitted for Junior participants.

After the initial Junior workout induction, participants can confidently return to the gym during designated Junior sessions. Here, they have the freedom to use fitness machines and enjoy exercising independently. Rest assured, all Junior sessions are under the watchful eye of our experienced gym instructors, providing constant supervision and support.

Freedom and Support

At Horizon, we are committed to nurturing a lifelong love for fitness in young minds. Join us for Junior Workout Sessions and watch your child thrive in a fun, supportive, and safe fitness environment.


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Contact us today to learn more about our Junior Workout Sessions, schedule an induction, and set your young ones on the path to a healthier, happier future!

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