What We Do

We are passionate about the part we play in improving physical and mental wellbeing in our community.

Horizon Leisure Trust provides a wide range of affordable and enjoyable activities, which are for everyone, regardless of background.

Our aim is to encourage more people to be more active, more often. We achieve this through our teams who are passionate about making a difference and encouraging people to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. Our aim is to make an impact on peoples lives in our centres and at the heart of the community we serve.

Engaging Communities, Transforming Lives

Horizon Leisure Centres aims to provide facilities and activities that are accessible to all the community to help make life better.

We’re committed to providing access to quality community facilities, and more, at a price everyone can afford.

Both of our leisure centres are dedicated to providing a wide range of sporting and leisure facilities and activities.

We have a dedicated team who are constantly working within the community, and with health professionals to help ensure we offer a range of innovative health and fitness facilities to promote and encourage healthier lifestyles.

Whether you’re looking for something for your little ones to do or are a senior looking to keep active, here at Horizon we have something for you!

We promise to provide you with:

  • Safe and modern facilities

  • Great range of activities for everyone

  • Friendly and professional staff

  • Affordable prices

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what one of our members has to say about Horizon Leisure Centres!

And if you visit us no matter what your age, gender or condition we will help you to:

Improve your physical and mental health

Being physically active can have many benefits for our bodies but did you know getting active can make a great impact on your mental health too! The facilities available at Horizon will not only help you physically but can help relieve feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

Improve your fitness and become more active

With 4 swimming pools, 2 award winning gyms and over 180+ exercise classes when you come to Horizon Leisure Centres you will never be short of activities to help improve your fitness. We also have a dedicated team of gym instructors available to tailor a gym programme suited to your personal goals.

Maintain a healthy weight

If you are overweight or obese you are at a higher risk of developing serious health problems such as diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis and some types of cancer. This risk becomes greater if you do not take part in physical activity. Losing excess weight and having an active lifestyle has many positive health benefits. Horizon has a range of facilities that are accessible for all ages to help you reach the weekly recommendation of 150 active minutes.

Improve your social life

Being active is not just about physical fitness and sport. It is also about bringing people together through local activities and events. Horizon Leisure Centres aim to bring people together with a range of sports clubs, activities and facilities with something for everyone.

Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing in your life, so visit Horizon Leisure Centres and start investing in your future today!

What Does The Local Community Think?

I joined Horizon due to its price and location. Since joining Horizon it has improved my overall motivation towards exercise and fitness as well as seeing results in my body. Since January I have lost 1 stone 3 lbs and have dramatically increased my cardio. I have gained a new found confidence due to my changing body and I have gained knew knowledge with my exercise routines thanks to the gym staff.

Jenna O’Rourke

My son really benefits from the additional needs swim lessons. They have been brilliant for him and he has achieved so much. My son ‘hates’ school and any hobbies that involves learning so this has been nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for offering such a valuable service!

Vicki Boulton

I have to say that the rehabilitation programme was excellent .The programme produced for me was tailored to my needs. Also the fact that staff at Horizon were always available to provide support and advice was very reassuring .As a result of exercise programme I generally felt much better. I was far less fatigued, my arm movements and associated nerve pain improved and the swelling in my arm also reduced.

Jan Beynon