• On finding the confidence to walk through the doors of The Hub, Havant, I was acknowledged, listened to, helped and given kindness, care and advice from Abi.

    It took a while to figure out how she could help me. I have Mobility issues and a Powerchair user, and I am not able to use my legs except to transfer, but Abi didn’t give up on me; found a regular independent exercise routine for me, and away I have flown, still able to Independently do it today, and I am so grateful, I had felt forgotten.

    Thank you so much.

    - Vanessa – Wellbeing Hub

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the 6-week course “Beat it”. It was more informative with facts than I was expecting and had already read about before. I hadn’t realised how important it is to include strength training in my weekly routine at my age. The gentle exercises at the end of each session set me up for the rest of the day!

    - Rosemary – Beat It!

  • I was given a gym referral by the neurogym team when my time with them ended. I was a bit dubious to start with as I’ve never got on with exercise equipment. Prior to my stroke, I enjoyed riding my bike, so I thought I’d get some practice in at the gym to start with before trying to balance and pedal out in the wild! I was also having ongoing left-side weakness and shoulder problems, so I thought the reduced cost of membership was worth the monthly fee. I was given an induction on my first visit to the Horizon leisure centre and showed how to use the equipment that would best suit my personal requirements. Going to the gym is different from physio in that you do as much or as little as is comfortable for you. You set your own goals, and you decide if you’ve done enough each visit! There’s help from the friendly staff if you need any pointers, and I always feel welcome. none of the patrons were interested in what I was doing unless I felt like engaging in conversation, so I never felt self-conscious or unwelcome. Personally, I use the exercise bikes a lot, the treadmill a little bit and the exercise machines a fair bit to work my core, upper body and legs. The machines are suitable for all ages, sizes and abilities, and I started off easy with light weights, but after completing my initial 12 week membership, I’m fitter now than I was before I went into the hospital! I never thought you’d ever get me in a gym, but I’m so glad I gave it a go. The treadmill has helped with my walking and got me up to a jogging speed, and I know I’ll get to run again soon. Using the bikes has got my stamina up and I’ve just started using the stair machine – like a treadmill but you climb stairs instead of walking a flat surface! The stairs at home took me a while to master once I left the hospital, but the gym machine has got me climbing them like a goat! I set my own goals now and see myself improving week on week. I try and go 3 times a week but haven’t yet got to use the pool which is also included in the membership. I would encourage anyone offered a referral to grab the opportunity and get yourself mobile again and get those troublesome muscles working for you again. For me it’s been about getting as close to I can as what I was before. Recovery from a brain injury can take a long time but I feel I’ve helped myself by working at it and trying to push myself to get better. You’ll not recover your physical abilities sat on the sofa. The me walking about now is so much more able and confident than the me that started going to the gym about 4 months ago. I’m sticking with it too! I can be better still! There’s further I can go, and there’s help from the staff if I need it too. It’s been strange not having physios telling me what exercises to do but I know myself where I need to improve now. I’m the master of my own ship again!

    - Stroke Referral

  • To date I have attended 7 of Madeleine’s Otago classes. She plans her lessons very carefully, taking account of each participant’s physical problems and limitations. I have a bad back and a hip replacement that sub-luxes occasionally and she has suggested useful adaptations to the standard exercises. She has a very pleasant manner and explains eadi exercise very carefully at every class, never assuming that we all know what to do and regularly reminds us to breathe. She also ensures that standing and walking exercises are well-interspersed with sitting ones. Madeleine gives us homework in line with improving balance and reducing falls. But this is always in manageable chunks, focussing on a few exercises each week. Although she is only paid for a 45 minute class, she invariably spends an hour so that the class is not rushed and she takes time to really listen to each participant. I have been attending a range of exercise classes for over 40 years and Madeleine is definitely one of the best teachers I have experienced.

    - Judy C – Steady and Strong

  • I had not been doing any exercise for just over four years after I lost my horse, and my mobility had got bad after the extra weight I had put on. I saw this course advertised and thought, why not? At first, I was unsure about going into a room of strangers, but after the first day, I knew I had made the right choice; both Abi and Becca are so helpful and non-judgmental that the whole course is worth it . I have got back into the gym and got to try new classes that I would have never tried. My whole way of thinking about food has changed. Food is fuel. I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone. It is so helpful and saving my life; I am so pleased.


    - FLOURISH – Debbie M

  • I couldn’t fault it as a function venue, great space, great accommodating staff, nothing was too much trouble.

    - Events at Horizon – Brading Party

  • I just wanted to drop an email to say thank you to you, the bar staff and the door staff on Saturday they were great. I had a lovely time, and the venue was perfect for what I needed.

    - Events at Horizon – Austin Party

  • Great gym lovely, helpful staff!

    - Horizon Havant – Hannah S

  • Customer service is very good. Great gym and facilities. The manager went out of their way to accommodate and tailor my needs.

    - Horizon Guildford – James C

  • The instructors are fantastic, the reception staff wonderful, and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

    - Horizon Havant – Christine p

  • I am delighted to have joined Horizon as it is close to where I live and I use it regularly. The gym is well equipped, the staff helpful and the classes are fantastic. Superb instructors have led everyone that I have attended, and in particular, Sylvie and Jackie. I have also participated in a couple of superb Jack and Katie’s yoga classes. Sylvie’s knowledge is extensive and her teaching is clear, calm, challenging and with humour. She is probably one of the best Pilates/yoga teachers I have ever been to and always adds variety to her classes to make them attractive. Jackie’s classes are great fun and brilliantly choreographed, and she is also clearly very knowledgeable. Overall an excellent experience.

    - Horizon Guildford – Marni H

  • Excellent course, it has given me the confidence to use weights in a safe environment, Abi has been a superstar. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a follow on course 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

    - Horizon Wellbeing Hub – Cathy

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