Discover Our Free Crèche Services at Horizon

The Crèche

Discover Our Free Crèche Services at Horizon

Welcome to Our Safe and Caring Crèche

At Horizon, we understand that balancing working out and family life can be challenging. We are delighted to offer our members a thoughtful and practical solution – a state-of-the-art, free Crèche service. We believe parents deserve peace of mind while they workout, and our Crèche is designed to provide a nurturing and secure environment for your little ones.

Our Crèche is not just another childcare facility; it’s a place where your children’s development and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. From a team of qualified and compassionate caregivers to a meticulously crafted play and learning environment, we have carefully curated every aspect to ensure your child receives the best care possible.

What to expect at The Crèche

How much?

The Crèche is free to members and £2.50 per 30mins to non-members

Opening Times

The Crèche is open Monday to Friday, 9.00 am until 12.30 pm. It is closed on Bank Holidays

How long can I book for?

Slots of 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes will be available for booking on a first come first serve basis via the Horizon app.

Booking The Crèche

You can book the Crèche over the telephone or via the Horizon app.

New to The Crèche?
  • There is a sign-up form that parents need to read and sign on their first visit to the crèche.
  • We advise new customers to arrive 10- 15 minutes before they are booked to ensure all paperwork is completed and your questions are answered.

  • Your child may take up to three 30-minute sessions to settle fully.

Help with Swimming Lessons

Our Crèche team are here if you need help with Swimming lessons or looking after one child while you are swimming with the other.

For more information, ask one of our Crèche staff, subject to availability.

Can you book more than one child into the crèche at the same time?
You can book more than one child, but you have to call reception rather than booking on the app. Call Waterlooville on 02392 245 900 or Havant on 02392 476 026.
What is your ratio with children to adult?
Three children to one staff member ratio
Can I bring snacks in for my child or are they provided?
We do not provide snacks however snacks can be brought in. Strictly no nut products (including chocolate spread).
How does the swimming change over work?
We can collect your child from the pool at your preferred time, bring them into the crèche and get them dried and dressed. We can also change your child into their swim stuff in the creche and pass them into the pool to you as the parent, or we can offer to drop off the child and then pick back up service. We ask parents to ensure they book this correctly on the creche bookings to allow ratio numbers to be followed in the crèche.
Will you call me if my child doesn’t settle?
We will always inform the parent after 15 to 20 minutes if we cannot settle their child.
Can I book my friends child, in my name?
You can if the child is in your care at the time; however, friends cannot book for them if their parent is also in the centre.

Customer Testimonials

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  • There is no other gym that offers such an incredible Creche service included in the price of the membership! The Creche and its staff ate the best thing the gym has to offer, and they should be rewarded greatly! It is a service in such big demand, and it is so necessary in order to allow parents and guardians to exercise, which massively helps people’s mental health!

    We can do this knowing our children are in such incredible care! The ladies who run the Waterlooville Creche are outstanding. I would not have joined had it not been for the Creche and I would not recommend it to other parents or friends if it didn’t have one.

    - The Crèche – Horizon Waterlooville

  • Thank you so much for taking care of me. Love Jess

    Thank you so much for welcoming us so warmly to the creche. Ellie settled so well, and I’ve been so happy and comfortable for Ellie to stay with you while I get some ‘me’ time.

    Thank you so much for being so kind and welcoming. You always put the boys at ease if they were upset and always reassured me when I needed it.

    Thank you so much for taking such good care of Miles in the creche while I go to the gym. He loves coming into you, and it’s so nice knowing he is so well looked after.

    Thank you for looking after me and making mummy feel okay about leaving me! I have loved playing with you and will miss you. We think you are wonderful!

    - The Crèche – Horizon Waterlooville

  • I would love to shout out to the ladies I’m the crèche at Waterlooville. My daughter has loved going to the crèche and had her last session today before starting school. The ladies are excellent with the children and do so much with them. It has made me feel much less guilty knowing she’s enjoying the crèche while I workout. We will both miss seeing their smiley faces every week.

    - The Crèche – Horizon Waterlooville

  • I just wanted to shout about Chantal and the creche team, and I hope this gets passed on to them too!

    I’ve been bringing my little boy there since he was 16 weeks old, now 30 weeks old.

    I am a first-time mom and felt so discombobulated with life and parenthood even though he was going on for 4 months. I had a sign-up/information visit and met Chantal, and I can honestly say that she, her team and the creche overall are 100% the main reason I signed up officially to Horizon. It was between Horizon and another gym, but after visiting the creche, I signed up that day!

    Chantal put me at ease and explained how they work with my son to get him used to her team and even just told me that I don’t have to put pressure on myself for if it doesn’t go right at the first couple of weeks’ visits.

    Her team is also absolutely lovely! I’m still trying to learn everyone’s name, so I’m very sorry! At every drop-off and pick up, I get greeted with warm faces and kind words. It makes me feel even more comfortable dropping him off. I even feel like he gets sad to leave them to come home now!

    I also want to mention the poolside pick up and drop off service as that’s been so helpful too! With my son’s swimming classes, it’s nice that they’ll change him and get him ready while I get ready. Then they’ll pick him up after his lesson and get him dried off and changed back which gives me time to actually shower and get myself ready for the day.

    I just want you to know how appreciative I am of the team at the creche. They honestly have changed my life, and that is dramatic but just being able to have a bit more freedom to work on a piece of myself – whether at the gym, swimming or even if it’s a 30-minute slot so I can shower – has been everything to me.


    - Havant Creche – KL

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Waterlooville swimming pool will be closed this weekend, 29th June – 30th June, due to a Swimming Gala.

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