Reflections on the First Year of the Wellbeing Hub by Our Community Health and Wellbeing Manager

This week we celebrated the 1st anniversary of the Horizon Wellbeing Hub. We are so pleased to be able to positively impact the community through the services we provide here. Our Community Health and Wellbeing Manager, Emma Cunningham, shares the journey of the hub since its opening past year:

As we reflect on the past 12 months since opening our wellbeing hub, we’re proud to celebrate the remarkable journey since the launch. We’ve introduced enriching programmes like Men’s Low Impact Circuits, Women’s Only Sessions,  Weight Management Courses, Falls Prevention, alongside the ‘Beat It!’ programme tailored for those managing high blood pressure through healthy lifestyle changes.

Working with Partners such as Smoke Free Hampshire the NHS, the Havant Borough and Hampshire County Councils have enabled us to have greater impact  Our cherished partnership with Southern Health NHS physiotherapy team has fostered seamless patient handovers, enhancing the continuum of care. With an annual throughput of 1484 and heartfelt testimonials from our patrons, we’re constantly reminded of our mission: to support our community in becoming more active and healthier in a welcoming, non-traditional leisure setting. The wellbeing hub has helped us to break down barriers and reach different audiences to be able to better support our community to lead healthier active lives.

We have been fortunate enough to host some amazing awareness days and events out of the hub such as PSA testing to help early detection of cancer, Diabetes awareness day well as a Cancer research fundraising day.

As we look forward into the future  we plan to introduce ESCAPE-Pain for people suffering with chronic back pain as well as sessions for our younger audience that find the gym a daunting place. Here’s to continued growth and positive impact for our community!

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