The Benefits of Competition in Exercise and How to Incorporate It into Your Routine at Horizon

In the realm of fitness and exercise, competition often carries a negative connotation. Many associate it with pressure, comparison, and stress. However, when harnessed correctly, competition can be a powerful tool for personal growth, motivation, and achieving fitness goals. Let’s explore the advantages of embracing the competitive spirit in our workout regimens and discover how to integrate it during your next visit to Horizon.

Horizon Gym Challenge

Unleash your competitive spirit by participating in our gym challenge next time you visit our gym. At Horizon, we frequently run challenges across all of our sites, allowing you to win exciting prizes like a free month’s membership. When you participate in one of our gym challenges, you record your name and score on our leaderboard and compare it to competitors at that site. This adds an element of excitement to your workouts, injecting a sense of purpose and drive as you strive to outperform yourself and others. Competing challenges allows you to push your limits and perhaps try something new, enhancing overall fitness progress.

Currently, we are running our Rowing challenge, which puts you in competition with a member of the Horizon team to see if you can beat their 567-meter row in two minutes. Please give it a go next time you visit and change up your usual gym routine.

Myzone at Horizon Guildford

At our Guildford site, we are offering members to take on the Myzone challenge. Myzone uses a heart rate monitor to track how hard your heart works in different zones and then monitors how long you take to recover after the exercise. This is then displayed on the in-gym screens so you can compare your score to other Myzone participants. This is a fun and unique fitness monitoring experience that differs from other trackers on the market.

Speak to one of the team at Horizon Guildford for more information and to get yourself a Myzone tracker at a discounted price.

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Competition ignites a fire within us, driving us to push our limits and strive for improvement. Whether it’s competing against others or our own personal best, the desire to perform better can be a powerful motivator. Knowing that others are working hard towards their goals can inspire us to stay committed and consistent in our workouts. Let the competitive spirit propel you towards your goals, whether competing against others or challenging yourself to be better than yesterday.

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