Horizon Launch ‘Healthy Winter Healthy Wallet’ Campaign

Horizon Leisure Centres is helping to maintain health as a priority this winter in its latest campaign, offering new members the chance to pay only £10 until 2023.

The campaign launched November 1st and encourages local people to make health a non-negotiable by reducing membership cost until the new year, making services and facilities more accessible to many families and individuals, particularly during a challenging economic climate and the run up to Christmas.

Besides the financial savings, Horizon Leisure Centre is also using the campaign to remind its membership that its Havant and Waterlooville Leisure Centres are places for the community to prioritise their wellbeing, to recharge and connect, and where people feel they can invest in a healthier and happier lifestyle for the whole family through use of Horizon’s many facilities and services.

The campaign includes OOH, social and digital display advertising throughout November into December.

Horizon Leisure Centre’s Commercial Director, Scott Mackenzie, commented: “Horizon is more than just a place to workout and then go home. We’re central to the health and wellbeing of our local community, and that also means making sure people can access our facilities – even when times are tough and we’re all having to make decisions about where to spend our money. For us, it’s about educating and helping people to make sure health remains a priority.”

“Not only does Horizon offer a very broad range of activities and facilities for all ages, our centres also create a sense of belonging and community that encourage and support the broader wellbeing for our members. ‘Healthy Winter, Healthy Wallet’ is a campaign that gives us a strong, bold message to say to people ‘invest in your health’, and our discount not only makes that a reasonable option, but also saves families money this winter.”

Horizon Leisure Centres are part of over 100 Charitable Trusts across England, Wales and Scotland who share a passion to improve social, mental and physical wellbeing. As a Charitable Trust, every penny Horizon Leisure Centres make goes back into services and facilities to support local communities.

Sign up today and make your winter a healthy one.

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