Top Tips For Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated Just Got Easier!

February has arrived and the New Year’s resolutions you were so eager to succeed at probably feel like yesterday’s news.

By now, we’ve heard hundreds of excuses for avoiding the gym. According to a survey by, 90% of the nation have admitted to making an excuse to ditch their gym session. If you’re reading this and are part of that 90% then fear not, we have plenty of tips on how to stay on track and help you meet your fitness goals…

Grab a Friend

Skipping a workout when it’s just yourself your letting down is pretty easy to do. So, why not grab yourself a gym buddy to help you keep accountable and motivated at the gym. Not only that, research suggests working out with a friend could boost your workout intensity and duration by 200% so you’ll be pushing yourself harder as well as having more fun.

Try Something New

Is boredom the reason for your lack of motivation? Try something new to spice up your workout routine. At Horizon we have over 180+ exercise classes to choose from, why not try something new. You never know you might make some new friends while you’re working out…

Get a Personal Trainer

It can be a struggle to keep yourself motivated, which is why many of our members seek the support of our expert Personal Trainers.

Having a Personal Trainer is great because they can find out about your individual needs and tailor a programme specifically for you and the end results you are wanting to achieve. It’s also equally important that you are not doing workouts that you really hate, you may be able to do squats but if you don’t like them you aren’t going to enjoy your time at the gym. Personal Trainers can help to give you alternative exercises that also fit in with your goals.

Set Realistic Goals

Not seeing results straight away can make you feel like giving up but let’s be realistic after a few gym sessions you aren’t going to drop a dress size. We totally get that you want to be the best version of you straight away but setting achievable goals will have you feel amazing and before you know it that bigger goal you were working on will be well underway.

Reward Yourself

You’re doing a great job getting to the gym and keeping fit, so why not reward yourself, it’ll make it even more worthwhile getting those hours in at the gym. Managed to do all of the exercise classes you had booked for the week? Then reward yourself with a glass of bubbly or a bottle of beer on the weekend and feel good whilst sipping it. If you manage them for the month treat yourself to a new gym top or DVD. Little incentives to keep you going, it’s not easy but think of the rewards…totally worth it!

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