Benefits of drinking water

The many health benefits of drinking water

For a lot of people, drinking water and enough of it, can be a struggle. It is recommended by the NHS that we drink 1.2 litres of water a day, that’s 6 – 8 glasses per day. When you have a hectic lifestyle or are always on the go, it can be very hard to drink that many glasses in a day, let alone remember to!

So we thought at Horizon we’d share the benefits of drinking water, which may just stop you forgetting to drink your daily dose!

Good for your skin

Ever heard the saying look after yourself from inside to out? Well it is totally true in this case, drinking plenty of water can help to, moisturise your skin, keep it fresh, soft, glowing and it is also said to get rid of wrinkles, a lot cheaper than a bag full of lotions and potions!

Boosts immune system

If you’re a regular water drinker, you are less likely to get ill! Water helps to fight off things like flu, help to prevent some types of cancer and also reduce your risk of heart attack. Who’s reaching for the water right now?!

Keeps your joints moving

Are your joints feeling a little stiff or achy? Chances are you’re not drinking enough water, although this doesn’t apply to everyone, it can be the case for many!

Joints are surrounded by something called cartilage, this allows each bone to move freely. Cartilage can be up to 85% water, which helps to prevent your joints from rubbing together.

Where does water intake come into it? When you’re dehydrated your body draws as much water as it can towards your vital organs needed to keep you alive, unfortunately for your cartilage, it has to give up its water!  So top up your fluids and stop the creaking in those knees.

Encourages you to eat less

Do you find yourself constantly snacking throughout the day? A glass of water could help to stop that, which in turn is going to stop you piling on the pounds with unnecessary snacks. Drinking plenty of water also helps to raise your metabolism.

We hope a few of those benefits to drinking water get you reaching for a bottle more often now, and don’t forget 1.2 litres a day is the recommended daily intake!

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