Why Parents Secretly Love Soft Play Centres

There’s a lot to love about soft play!

You often hear the moans and groans of parents when it comes to soft play centres, “It’s too noisy”, “There’s too many kids”, “They could be running around outside for free”, we get it there are a few bug bares in the world of play centres, BUT, we also know more parents than not that secretly love them and here we are going to tell you why.

You get to relive your youth

If you didn’t visit soft play when you were little, you really are missing out. The days of sweaty faces from playing hide and seek with your brand new bestie’s you’d met at the slides 10 minutes prior, the mixed flavour slush puppies you’d beg for to cool you down after a session of running wild, and not forgetting the mirrors that make you look all different shapes and sizes.

If you’re children haven’t reached the stage of ‘Please don’t cramp my style Mum’ and pretending they are out on their own at the age of 6, then what better of an excuse to get in the ball pit or race them down the slides. Don’t forget to pinch a slurp of their slush puppie when your children aren’t looking!

Down time

Ok so it’s not relaxing on the sofa with day time TV and some chocolate biccies in your PJs kind of ‘down time’ that you’ve been craving since the kids were born! But it is at least 30 minutes of you not personally having to try and entertain the children, you have ropes and slides to do that for you. So why not grab a cup of tea or soft drink of your choice and make the most of the free Wi-Fi Horizon Leisure Centres have to offer.

A fuller night sleep (Hopefully)

So you’ve had your little down time whilst they were running riot round the equipment, now for the best part, (this is a right treat) the children have had so much fun and burnt off so much energy, they may just sleep through the whole night, or surprise you with a little lay in! We’ll see you for the rest of the holidays then?!

Have a chat to other parents

Just when you started to think you’d forgotten how to talk anything other than baby babble, or Pokémon characters with your 8 year olds, you meet some other parents that you find you actually have a lot in common with and are also hanging out at soft play to regain a little sanity! Take their number, add them on Facebook, or just hope to see them in here again next time, but always remember you’re not on your own and it’s healthy to have a chit chat with other adults!

Grabby hands are safe

Hands up if your child is like one of those grabbing machines at the fair? It’s always the things they are not supposed to have that they get their little hands on, not to mention the full blown meltdown when you take something off them for their own safety! At Horizon soft play centres there are baby areas for your little ones to grab whatever they like without having to go through the whole tantrum malarkey, so although as a parent you are never fully off ‘guard’ you can relax just that little bit more.

We have an educational soft play centre here at Horizon Leisure Centres (Havant). Oceans of play enable children to climb aboard the ship to start their adventure and explore the oceans! We understand keeping children busy and tummy’s full can be expensive so we also offer play and eat prices. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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