5 Tips To Help You Get Summer Fit

Yes, that’s right, spring is here already and we sure are welcoming the arrival of summer nights, lighter evenings, BBQ’s, cocktails in the sun and dipping our feet in the kid’s paddling pool to keep cool! But are we feeling ‘summer body ready though’? Nuu-uhh, no way, not at all.

Although we still have a little while until the summer sun is here, we’re very aware that just like spring, summer will creep up on us in no time, which means if we want to be feeling body confident in our summer wardrobes, the dreaded workouts need to be in full flow… ummm, yesterday!

Ok, so we understand it’s not that easy! That’s why we are here to give you some top tips on helping you to feel happy with your ‘bod’ all summer long.

So sign up for your gym membership and join us in getting beach ready!

Don’t just set weight loss goals

It probably goes without saying your number one goal is weight related, weather that’s to tone up those ‘jiggly bits’, lose weight or gain weight but why not set yourself some bigger goals? How about improving your personal best, 20 more pull ups by the end of the summer? 20 more squats each week? Raising your fitness levels? Whatever it may be, don’t just go with the standard weight related goals! Stop focusing on the number that appears on the dreaded scales, instead motivate yourself with achievable yet challenging goals and you’ll soon start seeing positive changes along the way – mind and body!

Change the way you eat

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t out train a bad diet… (boooo). Now, we’re not talking about making a mad dash for the supermarkets straight away to stock up on nothing but curly kale because that’s just not going to work and will actually do you more harm than good. We’re talking about finding the right balance and making the right food choices. Start introducing super foods into your diet like avocados, blueberrys, oily fish and tomatoes to name a few.

Partial to an afternoon snack? Stock up on healthy alternatives to help curb those cravings and help you resist that sugary snack all for a quick energy boost.

Don’t forget to visit our Meet & Eat Café Havant and Waterlooville! We have a range of tasty homemade classics and healthy grab and go options along with a brand new spring menu!

Keep a record of progress

It can be disappointing when you’re working hard and not instantly seeing results. So a good idea is to keep a diary of your daily or weekly progress. You’re not going to see a dramatic change overnight, after all Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you are going to notice other positives, and the small wins all add up! Why not jot down things like stamina increase, have you been to extra aqua classes this week? Tried a new exercise programme out of your comfort zone? Increased the weight size you lift? All these ‘little’ things are achievements and all part of your journey to getting summer fit so get them written down and be proud of yourself!

If you’re ever having a day of negativity towards working out, flick through and remind yourself of the work you are putting in and the progress you are making. Don’t forget to take before during and after pictures, even if only for yourself, this will help you to notice your progress even more and you can look back and see just how far you have come.

Plan in advance

Keeping organised is key you are more likely to stick to a regime if plans are put in place, whether thats getting your gym gear ready the night before, prepping your lunches to avoid snacking on unhealthy calorific snacks, or even just scheduling which days you are going to go to the gym. You’ll notice more of a positive mind-set too! Leaving things until last minute can become stressful and un-motivating causing you to miss a gym sesh or eat junk food all because you haven’t spent a few extra minutes setting yourself up for the week ahead.

List the reasons you want to shape up

It’s all well and good deciding you want to shape up for summer, but sometimes that just isn’t enough to see you through your tough journey to summer fit, write down the reasons why you want or need to start and remind yourself of them as much as possible. Do you have a dress or shirt that you love but can no longer get into? Is it for health reasons? Are you training for a marathon? Or how about just feeling a bit more confident on your summer hols this year! Whatever it is be sure to list as many of them as possible to help keep you as motivated and determined as possible!

So there it is, a few handy tips to keep in mind when starting the long and winding road to getting fit and healthy this summer with Horizon. If you need that added boost and extra support pop in to either Havant or Waterlooville Leisure Centre and speak to one of our friendly gym instructors about your fitness goals and how we can help!

We love to hear your tips, tricks and progress of your fitness journey this summer, so drop us email or pop a comment on our social media pages and most of all GOOD LUCK!

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