One-to-One Swimming Lessons

Horizon Swim School offer one-to-one and two-to-one private swimming lessons.

Horizon offers one-to-one and two-to-one private swimming lessons for children and adults at our Swim School. These personalised swimming lessons are available at both Havant and Waterlooville Leisure Centres.

About One-to-One Swimming Lessons at Horizon Swim School

If you want to learn how to swim, but you would rather do it with just you and a personal swimming instructor, then one-to-one swimming lessons at either Havant or Waterlooville Leisure Centres are the perfect option for you.

The private swimming lessons are with the Horizon Swim Teachers.

The prices for one-to-one swimming lessons starts from:

  • 1 to 1 single – £23.50
  • 1 to 1 block of 5 (10% Discount) – £105.00
  • 1 to 1 Block of 10 – £200.00
  • 1 to 2 Single – £33.00
  • 1 to 2 block of 5 (10% discount) – £146.00
  • Intensive Swim Course – £40.00

Horizon one-to-one lessons and two-to-one sessions are bookable for singular lessons, 5 block booking lessons and 10 block booking lessons.

For more information, please contact

You/your child will need a swimming costume as well as a towel to dry off.

You/your child should bring plenty of water to keep them hydrated during their session.

You/your child should shower before their swimming lesson.

You/your child should not eat directly before their swimming lesson.

If you or your child is ill or has been ill they should not swim for 24 hours.

We do not offer refunds or additional lessons if you miss a lesson for illness or otherwise.

If you child is ill or has been ill they should not swim for 24 hours.

To book call or visit Havant or Waterlooville Leisure Centre to find out about availability of classes.

A booking form will need to be completed at reception.

Havant Leisure Centre: 02392 476 026

Waterlooville Leisure Centre: 02392 245 900

You can not cancel one-to-one lessons or two-to-one lessons as you are paying for these in advance.

At the end of the block booking if you don’t want to carry on just let the instructor know and don’t book in any further lessons.

Choose Your Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons

Horizon Swim School run weekly swimming lessons for adults of all abilities who want to improve their technique. Lessons run at both Havant and Waterlooville.

Baby & Toddler Swimming Lessons

Baby & toddler swimming lessons provide a great introduction to water confidence, with games, singing and toys in the pool.

Children Swimming Lessons

Children can swim their way through our syllabus up to Level 10 earning their hats, badges and certificates along the way.

Level 7 Plus Kids Swimming

Our Horizon Level 7 Plus children’s swimming lessons are for more confident child swimmers and are delivered by professionally qualified swimming teachers.

School Swimming Lessons

Horizon Leisure Centers provide pool space as well as lessons with a qualified swimming teacher for schools in the local community.

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Horizon Swim School has been going for over 40 years with a great friendly team of qualified swimming teachers.

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