Havant Pool 50th Anniversary

The swimming pool at our Havant Leisure Centre is turning 50 this May, and we want you to be involved in the celebrations. Since its opening in 1974, the pool has been a vital part of the community, offering swimming lessons, aqua classes, public swimming and inflatable and family float sessions. We want to hear your stories as our valued members. If you were there at the pool opening in 1974, learnt to swim there, and still use our facilities today, reach out to us and email us at marketing@horizonlc.com. We want those of you who have contributed to our journey over the last 50 years to be a part of our history wall and case studies.    

When the pool opened in 1974, it was a talking point for locals, offering a facility for schools to teach students to swim and giving residents something to do as a family. The pool was warmly welcomed by most of the community despite complaints about there not being a bar to refresh and refuel after a swim. When Horizon took over in 1999 and invested 2.2 million to refurbish Havant and start-up Waterlooville Leisure Centre, it became the centre you see today. 

To celebrate the pool’s birthday on 23rd May, Horizon will transport you back to 1974, and you can swim for only 20p. The anniversary celebrations will take place for the whole week, so stay updated on our social media and email communications to learn about the activities in May and how you can be a part of it. 

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