Pickleball craze arrives at Horizon Leisure Centres

Pickleball is the latest racket sport craze sweeping the UK, and Horizon Leisure has leapt at the chance to bring this fun, family-friendly game to the people of Havant.

The game combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis, played on a badminton-sized court using solid paddles to hit a plastic ball with holes in it. The plastic ball is less bouncy than a tennis ball and doesn’t fly as fast through the air. The table tennis-style paddle is also much easier to handle as it’s shorter and lighter than a tennis racket.

Mike Lyons, CEO, Horizon Leisure says: “Horizon Leisure always tries to stay ahead of fitness trends and we are excited to be the first venue in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas to bring this great game to our local community!

“You may not have heard of Pickleball yet, but you soon will!  It’s a fantastic sport that is becoming increasingly popular as it’s easy to play, low impact and can appeal to a wide range of people from children to pensioners.  The Pickleball craze has already swept through the United States – where it is estimated that 36.5 million players took up the sport between 2021-2022.  It’s also gained some high-profile celebrity players, including Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, the Kardashians and Jamie Fox. If you enjoy tennis, squash, badminton or table tennis, you should definitely give Pickleball a try!”

Pickleball will launch on the 1st February at Havant Leisure Centre and is available to book in advance. During peak hours (Monday-Friday before 10am and after 3pm) the cost is £10 per hour, and off peak (Monday-Friday 10am-3pm and at weekends) the cost is £5.50 per hour.  The price includes the rental of equipment and the court.  Pickleball can be played with two or four players.

The team at Horizon Leisure Centres will be on hand to welcome you and run through the Pickleball rules, offering some advice and guidance on playing.

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