Why you should try a group exercise class

May 20th 2019

If you’re anything like me and a lot of other people, you will know that it can be a struggle to get yourself to the gym 3 times a week, and even if you do manage to get yourself in there, you might be lacking the motivation to do anything near the recommended 150 of exercise per week… am I right?!

Don’t panic, as I said before, you are not alone! The gym is great and there are many ways that you can get motivated however sometimes you just need that little bit of an extra ‘push’ from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Group exercise classes are the perfect solution for those of us who need that little bit of an extra helping hand when it comes to keeping fit and motivated. Here are a handful of reasons why you should try one.

Working out in a group is fun

Group exercise is fun, it really is! Think about it, you’re working out in a big room to loud music with people who are all sharing the same experience, same highs and lows and mainly have the same goal.

Why not text your friend and see if they fancy trying out a new exercise class with you this week, you can have a good laugh and come away from it feeling great together, and probably a little tired, but it is so worth it! And who knows, you might find yourself back there next week.

A cheaper alternative to having a personal trainer

Personal trainers are great, but not everyone can afford the prices. Don’t worry, all is not lost! Group exercise classes are led by personal trainers or experienced exercise class teachers which means they are not likely to let you slack off! This makes them the perfect environment for those who need a little bit of a helping hand when it comes to staying focused.

A chance to be social and make new friends

Group exercise classes are the perfect place to make new friends. You are all there for the same reason and obviously have similar hobbies and interests, making new friends in your class means that you are more likely to enjoy exercising alongside them and therefor more likely to come back!

We all know how busy life can be so taking an hour out to make yourself feel great and have a catch up with your friends could be just the break you need.

Healthy competition and sense of group achievement

Working out in a group situation will more than likely cause some healthy competition between you and your fitness pals. You’ll naturally feel that you want to push yourself to be the hardest working person in the room and so will work extra hard without even realising. Bonus!

At the end of a class you would have all worked so hard that there will be a sense of group achievement making the whole experience feel positive and worth-while.

If this is enough to make you want to try a group exercise class then why not take a look at the classes we offer at Horizon, there are over 180 a week to choose from!

Give your friend a call and see if they want to come along with you as moral support, if not, you are bound to make some new pals in whichever class you chose! We look forward to seeing you soon! See our classes here.