Why you should keep active during December

Cardio Havant
December 1st 2018

So, December is here and the official countdown to Christmas has begun! And with that comes the busy schedules and before you know it your fitness routines tend to take a back seat. Your diary is booked up with Christmas parties, work socials, mulled wine tasting and not forgetting the endless Christmas meals. It can be hard to keep your motivation going, but here are our top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t forget to stay fit this festive season.

  • The gyms will be quieter

It’s no secret that December can be a quieter period in the gym. It’s dark and cold and everyone would rather be keeping warm by the fire or ticking off their shopping list ready for the big day.

Take advantage of this quieter period and hit the gym – it’s the perfect time to start a new routine! Whether it’s trying out a new machine or class or simply improving your technique, our gym instructors are always available to help you, so why not make the most of the quieter time and speak to the team and get a new exercise programme ready for the new year.

  • Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions

Thinking of joining a gym or getting back in shape for your New Year’s Resolution? Why wait till January! It takes 21 days to form a habit, so get started now and you’ll be less likely to chuck the towel in come February. Just think, by the time everyone else is starting their goals you’ll already by smashing yours!

  • Keep your energy levels up

The darker, colder evenings can make December feel like a month and a half! Come Christmas day and you may feel utterly exhausted. One of the major benefits of getting fit and active is the increase you see in your energy levels. Keep active and you’ll be in great shape to take on the crowds at Christmas shopping and there’ll be no worries of you falling asleep at all those Christmas gatherings.

  • Beat the Bloat

We are all guilty of indulging over the festive period. All the rich, delicious food and drink can end up leaving you feeling pretty sluggish.

Why not add in some cardio sessions during December to help battle the bloat. 25-30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week can help relive bloating as it aids gas to pass through the digestive system.

  • Get a Good deal

If the above wasn’t enough to convince you what better time to join up than when we have a fantastic membership deal on. Join before December 31st and make the most of our No Joining Fee offer – saving you £30.

So while you’re enjoying all the festivities and getting in to the Christmas spirit don’t forget to maintain your fitness standards, that way you’ll start the new year off feeling awesome and your body will definitely thank you come the 1st January!