Why personal training is perfect for beginners

October 3rd 2018

Why personal training is perfect for beginners

Just signed up to the gym, tick. New trainers, tick. New water bottle? Tick. List of goals? Double tick. Know where to start? *Scratches head and shrugs shoulders*

Knowing where to start can be totally mind boggling and actually put you off going to work out before you’ve even had a chance to lace those new trainers up. You’ve heard of a personal trainer, but do you know just how beneficial they can be, especially to beginners? Take off your trainers for 5, pull up a seat and have a read below on how our Personal Trainers can really help you to get into the swing of all things gym.


We are all guilty of saying we are going to do something productive and then not actually doing it, the gym probably being the main one. Setting your alarm for 6.30am and having your stuff ready sometimes just isn’t enough to stop you from snoozing 10 times over. Having a personal trainer is really beneficial in ensuring you fully commit and stick to your goals. You are way more likely to get yourself in gear and get to the gym if you have a time and date set with your PT. If you skip your Personal Training session it won’t just be yourself you are letting down!

Form good habits

Even people that have been strutting their stuff in the gym for months can pick up bad habits but getting a Personal Trainer on hand can help to point you in the right direction to stop any bad habits forming. Moving forward this will keep you from any injuries but also make sure you are seeing the results you are working hard for. There’s nothing worse than thinking you are doing an exercise right only to be doing it wrong and not see the full results that you deserve.


Looking on the internet for workouts or taking tips from a friend is all well and good, but can you be sure these are the right fit for you, your body shape, goals and lifestyle? Having a Personal Trainer is great because they can find out about your individual needs and tailor a programme specifically for you and the end results you are wanting to achieve. It’s also equally important that you are not doing workouts that you really hate, you may be able to do squats but if you don’t like them you aren’t going to enjoy your time at the gym. Personal Trainers can help to give you alternative exercises that also fit in with your goals.

Make the most of your time

So you’ve dragged yourself out of bed, at the gym for opening time and ready to workout, only you find yourself 20 mins into your 1 hour session before work and your still sat on the bike, with only 6 minutes clocked up of actual exercise time! It can be very hard to make every minute count and that’s where, yet again, Personal Trainers come in very handy. They are there to maximise your time and really make sure you are getting the most out of your sessions, nothing gives a PT more satisfaction than helping you to reach your personal goals!

So, if you feel like any of the above apply to you, why not take a look at Horizon’s Personal Trainers a bit closer and see how they can help you today! https://horizonlc.com/horizon-havant-waterlooville-gyms/personal-trainers/