Why are swimming lessons so important for our children?

April 1st 2019

Summer is on its way and for some of you lucky people the countdown to that sunny family holiday that you need so badly is on! However, it’s a given that with warm summer days and sunny holidays comes water, whether it’s the sea or a pool, there is no escaping it!

Splashing around in the water with friends or siblings is so much fun when you’re kids are young and that’s why it’s so important that they are confident and able to look after themselves whilst in the water. Here are some great reasons to enroll your kids into swimming lessons now ready for the summer months:


Making sure that your kids are confident in and around the water will help them to join in in social activities that involve being in the water with their friends. Whether it be birthday pool parties, a trip to the local leisure centre or just a way to cool down and play on a warm day. If you’re heading of on your holidays, the more confident that your child is in the water, the easier it will be for you to kick back and relax making it all the more peaceful.

Sense of achievement

Successes and achievements can make a child feel really good about themselves helping them to feel more confident and positive not just in swimming but in all areas of their lives. Moving up through the different levels and receiving a special award each time is a great way for your child to feel proud of themselves.


Swimming is great for a child’s overall health. It’s good for their heart and circulation, helps to maintain a healthy weight, and releases endorphins helping them to feel happy and relaxed. Learning to swim could also help them to build endurance making them better in other sports building their confidence all the more.

Making new friends

Swimming lessons are the perfect way for kids to meet people from other schools, they give children an opportunity to have fun whilst learning alongside other children of the same ability as them. Making friends will help them to feel encouraged to keep going and achieve the best they can moving up through the levels with their new friends.

Quality time

Life can be extremely busy and when you finally get time to sit down together, there are still so many distractions that end up keeping us apart. Swimming and playing in a pool or at the seaside gives a great opportunity for parents and children to bond and share quality time together away from our hectic lives. If your child is able to swim this will make the experience even more enjoyable for all of you! Your child will love showing you all of the new skills they are learning along the way.

The list of reasons why our children should learn how to swim whilst they are young is endless and there really are no negatives! If you would like to enroll your child into swimming lessons then why not check out the fantastic Horizon Swim School, they offer lessons to all ages. For more information please visit the Swim School page on our website https://horizonlc.com/swimming/horizon-swim-school/ or email swim.school@horizonlc.com.