Children’s Swimming Lessons

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Children can swim their way through our syllabus up to Level 10 earning their hats, badges and certificates along the way.

Horizon’s children swimming lessons provide a range of levels to help children reach the national requirement for swimming and continue to develop their swimming beyond that.

Children are also taught to competitive swimming techniques as they work their way through the higher levels.

About Children’s Swimming Lessons at Horizon

Children swimming lessons are a great way for children to have fun and socialise while also keeping fit and learning a key life skill.

At Horizon children swimming lessons run all year round (excluding 2 weeks at Christmas) and children can join at any stage 50 weeks of the year.

An Assessment can also be booked if your child already has some swimming ability or has attended lessons elsewhere through our friendly customer services team.  If your child is between 4 – 8 years old and a non-swimmer they need a Young Beginner’s class.  Over 8yr olds need a Junior Beginner 8 + shallow class.

For more information, please contact

Help with Swimming Lessons

If you have two small children and want to take them both swimming or to parent and child swimming lessons our Crèche can help!

Our Crèche staff can supervise and change one child while you swim with the other, then swap them over and get the first one changed.

Level Information
Young Beginner Introduction to swimming and water skills for for children aged 4 – 6 years.
Level 1 Swim 5m Front and Back Paddle.
Level 2 Swim 10m Front Paddle with aquatic breathing and 10m Back Paddle.
Level 3 Swim 10m Front and Back Crawl and 10m Breaststroke legs.
Level 4 Swim 15m Back Crawl, 15m Front Crawl, 15m full Breaststroke, deep water and confidence skills.
Level 5 Swim 25m Front Crawl and 25m Breaststroke, introduce Butterfly Kick and tread water.
Level 6 Swim 50m Front crawl, 50m Back Crawl and 25m Breaststroke. Develop existing water skills learned.
Level 7 Swim 100m Front Crawl, 100m Back Crawl and 100m Breaststroke. Swimming in clothing. Introduction to racing dives.
Level 8 Swim 200m Front Crawl, 200m Back Crawl and 200m Breaststroke. Introduction to racing starts and turns.
Level 9 Distance swimming. Racing starts and turns for all 4 strokes.
Level 10 Swim 200m Front Crawl, 200m Back Crawl, 200m Breaststroke and 25m Butterfly.
Individual Medley. Preparation for competitive swimming.
Alternative Swim Classes Take a look at Horizon’s alternative swimming classes for children.

Havant Swimming Lessons

Swimming Information Price
Junior Swim Lessons
(rolling direct debit)
Half hour lesson per week
+ free public swimming*
£29 p/month
Adult Swim Lessons
(rolling direct debit)
Half hour lesson per week
+ free public swimming*
£31 p/month

* Public lane swimming for competent swimmers only

Waterlooville Swimming Lessons

Swimming Information Price
Junior Swim Lessons
(rolling direct debit)
Half hour lesson per week
+ free public swimming*
£27 p/month
Adult Swim Lessons
(rolling direct debit)
Half hour lesson per week
+ free public swimming*
£31 p/month

* Public lane swimming for competent swimmers only

Your child will need a swimming costume as well as a towel to dry off.

Your child will need to bring plenty of water to keep them hydrated during their session.

Children should shower before their swimming lesson.

Children should not eat directly before their swimming lesson.

If your child is ill or has been ill they should not swim for 24 hours.

There is no contract however we do require a months written notice – via email – prior to cancelling.

Horizon do not offer refunds or additional lessons if you miss a lesson for illness or otherwise.

If you/your child is ill or has been ill in the last 24 hours they should not swim.

You have 30 days to claim a refund if Horizon cancel swimming lessons. Please contact the leisure centre for more information.

To book call or visit Havant or Waterlooville Leisure Centre to find out about availability of classes.

A booking form will need to be completed at reception.

Havant Leisure Centre: 02392 476 026

Waterlooville Leisure Centre: 02392 245 900

If the time or swimming class doesn’t meet your needs don’t forget Horizon offer a range of swimming lessons at both Havant and Waterlooville sites.

If you would like to end your swimming lessons please email the Horizon Swim School. One months’ notice is required via email. You can find the email address above.

Choose Your Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons

Horizon Swim School run weekly swimming lessons for adults of all abilities who want to improve their technique. Lessons run at both Havant and Waterlooville.

Baby & Toddler Swimming Lessons

Baby & toddler swimming lessons provide a great introduction to water confidence, with games, singing and toys in the pool.

Level 7 Plus Kids Swimming

FREE trials available for all the alternative swimming lessons, Young Lifesaver, Junior Diver, Synchro and Junior Swimfit.

One to One Swimming Lessons

Horizon Swim School offer one-to-one and two-to-one private swimming lessons.

School Swimming Lessons

Horizon Leisure Centers provide pool space as well as lessons with a qualified swimming teacher for schools in the local community.

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Horizon Swim School has been going for over 40 years with a great friendly team of qualified swimming teachers.

Looking for Something Else?

Public Swimming

Make a splash at our public swimming sessions; available at both Havant and Waterlooville Leisure Centres.

H&W Swimming Club

Havant and Waterlooville Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club for swimmers to train and compete.


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