Sticking to your New Years resolutions

November 26th 2018

Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions

We know the New Year is a little way off yet but we wanted to share a few tips now to give you the best possible start come 2019.

Christmas comes around so quickly, closely followed by the New Year. You sort of feel compelled to create a list of amazing things you’re going to do and transformations you’re going to make, but how do you stick to them? Sticking to your list is the hardest, yet most important thing when it comes to smashing those resolutions and we are going to give you a few tips and tricks that will get you ticking things off in no time.

Be realistic

We totally get that you probably want to do all these amazing things, but you need to start with being true to yourself. If you haven’t done any running for the past 6 months, then signing up for a marathon in 2 months’ time is all well and good, until you are not ready and end up feeling like a failure and in turn not wanting to complete your list of goals. You’ll feel amazing when you manage to reach a big goal, so keep going because you can definitely do it!


Keeping motivated is key. You’ll find yourself falling off the wagon if can’t keep that motivation! Set yourself little rewards, for example, if you manage to do all of your gym sessions you have planned for the week have a glass of bubbly or a bottle of beer on the weekend and feel good whilst sipping it. If you manage them for the month treat yourself to a new gym top or DVD. Little incentives to keep you going, it’s not easy but think of the rewards…totally worth it!

Change things up

So you’ve set yourself a target of losing 6 pound in a month, the first month has passed and you’re not even close. We know exactly what you feel like doing, but don’t even think about giving up, change it up! Try something new, maybe use some different equipment in the gym, try a new class, but whatever you do keep on going because you’ve got this!

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