Pros of Taking Your Children to the Creche

creche havant
August 13th 2019

Do you have parental guilt creeping in every time you go to book your little ones into the creche so you can work out, go for a relaxing swim or just chill in the sauna? We totally understand you may have reservations about dropping off your children and especially with people you don’t know. However you can be rest assured as the creche is OFSTED registered with all staff holding nationally recognised child care qualifications. You’ll soon be thanking us whilst wishing you’d done it a lot sooner! Below we tell you the reasons to feel positive about doing something for yourself.

Recharge your batteries

You’ve heard the saying ‘Happy parent = happy baby’ right? Everyone needs to take time out for themselves now and then, especially when you are a parent and give your all to your little ones. It really is important not to forget about yourself and remember exercising releases happy endorphins as well as a whole load of health benefits that come with it! You’ll be bouncing through the door to pick them up and booking them in more regularly in no time.

It’s not just good for you

Obviously your children are at the top of your priorities constantly and although it’s super important for you to get some alone time, it’s equally as good for your bubbas. They get to mix with other children and different adults too, in turn growing in confidence and developing more social skills, whilst taking part in activities they may not do at home.

Make new friends

This one’s for both of you! Parents who were once reluctant to take some well-deserved ‘me time’ are now checking the kids in weekly leaving the centre feeling all energised and refreshed (that’s what crèche is there for). Why not strike up a conversation with the other parents and you could even end up going along to a class together? You might just come back to find your little people have made some besties too!

 So we hope you are now in agreement with us that the creche is an all-round winner for everyone and what’s even better is it’s free with a Platinum Membership, double win! Also, did you know you can book the creche from Horizon’s app? It’s easy peasy! We’ll see you next week?


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