National Apprenticeship Week

March 7th 2019

There’s a big apprenticeship stereotype, you know, fresh out of school, made to do the tea rounds, sent to get tartan paint and given the all-round boring jobs that no one else wants to do.

My time at Horizon so far (nearly a year) couldn’t be further from that stereotype! I have been surprised at just how much I have been able to really get involved in and the responsibility’s and projects I have been trusted with after getting the job with just a small self-taught marketing background.

I’m not your ‘typical’ apprentice, just left school and first place of work. I’m nearly 27, a Mum and have been in an office environment for over 10 years now, so although I know the way of the working world, I had very little knowledge of marketing which made stepping into an apprentice role in a new area hugely daunting, especially having to going back to, what some would say the bottom of the chain at an ‘older’ age.

Marketing has always been something I’ve been interested in but never known how to ‘get into’ it without having to go to college or university and of course not have a monthly income. When I saw the opportunity arise I couldn’t believe how perfect it was for me, earn whilst I learn and even more important to me, being able to get hands on in the office rather than sat in a classroom.

If you’re anything like me and enjoy getting stuck in, I totally recommend an apprenticeship. Getting to see the real side of marketing has been great and I am so glad I went for it despite the worry’s I had beforehand.