Looking after your mental health during isolation

April 1st 2020

Week 2 of isolation got you feeling down? Or maybe it hasn’t yet! Either way there’s a lot of feeling of anxiety, stress and uncertainty across the globe right now so we wanted to share a few tips on how to look after your mental health throughout lockdown!

  1. Don’t watch or read too much on Covid 19

Sure, it’s pretty hard to get away from right now – if it’s not a scary story on Facebook, you find your friends WhatsApping you with ‘updates’ or you turn the TV on and are greeted by more news on the CV word! Listening to/ reading about it all will no doubt put a downer on your mood!

So… try and limit yourself to just 15 mins a day (if you really have to) of reading any updates. Use only the official websites like NHS and Gov.uk for factual advice and let your friends know that you don’t want to talk about the topic!

  1. Find some focus

Distracting your brain is one of the best ways to forget for a while about what is going on in the world right now. How about learning some new recipes using what you have in your cupboards? Play a daily board game with the family? Do those chores that you never normally have time to do or get lost in your favorite book all over again! Whatever it is you decide to do make sure to really switch off from anything but the activity in front of you!

  1. Watch what you are eating

Reaching for the snack cupboard can be hugely tempting right now, and although you don’t want to totally cut out the junk food (let’s be honest we all need a treat through this) try and be mindful that you are eating 3 good meals a day with nutrient rich ingredients and drinking plenty of water! We all know that stuffing our faces with junk food can have an impact on our mental health making you feel groggy and lethargic and now more than ever it’s important to stay as positive as we can!

Remember it’s ok not to be ok – we are living through a time where a lot of things are very unknown and our routines are no more! But we hope these tips can help in some way to give you more good days than bad!