How Horizon Can Help You to Stay Active as a Busy Mum

September 6th 2019

It’s no surprise that being a parent can often leave you with no time for yourself. Our little people depend on us and whilst ‘Mumming’ is the best thing in the world we totally understand that it can be very difficult to stay active, especially with lack of time and motivation after a bad night with the kids, or a hectic day of keeping them entertained.

Horizon are always looking for ways in which we can help people to stay fit and healthy and below we are going to tell you how we can help!

Horizon Leisure Centre Crèche

Did you know we have a crèche here at our Havant centre? If you have a Platinum Membership crèche fees are included in your membership. Don’t worry if you don’t have a membership though, you can still use the crèche for a small fee! So why not drop the little ones off to our OFSTED registered crèche and pop along to one of our classes.

Personal trainer

You may have every intention to come and workout or go for a swim but when you have children we all know how quickly plans can change. Enlisting the help of a Personal Trainer will ensure you have the time booked in to your busy schedule and you will be more likely to make the effort to get up and go and not let the little things get in the way.


Making friends at Horizon is a great thing for more reasons than one! We all know how easy it is to make an excuse not to go to the gym, but working out with a new friend who is probably in the same boat as you will help you stay more accountable. After all, you are more likely to go for a session if you are meeting a friend as it’s not just yourself you are letting down if you skip that all important workout. Not only that, but finding the time to catch up with friends while leading that busy mum life can be hard. Why not catch up with your friends while keeping fit – having some adult chat won’t make it seem like such a chore.

A New Direction

Have you heard of ‘saving the best till last’ well here it is… Horizon Leisure Centres and Havant Borough Council are bringing to you a brand new 12 week programme for women aged 35 – 54 to help you become the best you! The 12 week programme ‘A New Direction’ is just £40, making that less than £3.50 per week, as well as full use of our swimming pools, gym and exercise classes, there will be exclusive classes and nutritional sessions and advice throughout too, only for people on the programme. 

So hopefully with our tips and exciting new programme, you’ve packed your bags and are all ready to go. Remember it is important to be the best you, for yourself and your family and what better way to do that than staying active and keeping healthy with Horizon.