Gym members should familiarise themselves with the following new protocols:

- Please be aware that upon entering Horizon Leisure Centres the wearing of face masks is advised until you reach the activity you have come for. You do not have to wear a face mask whilst you are exercising. consuming food/drink or if you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering.

- Please do not bring your own towel! We will provide paper towels that can be used and then safely disposed of within the gym

- You will need to bring your own water as our water fountains will be out of action

- Please use the sanitiser station upon entering the gym and then sanitise your hands regularly as you work-out

- Gym users will be expected to wipe down gym equipment before and after use with the sanitiser spray provided.

- When using the gym, personal belongings can be secured in the internal gym lockers. However, we advise that you bring the absolute minimum required to complete your workout.

- Any new gym members will need an induction before being able to attend a gym session. Please call the reception of either centre so we can reserve you a time slot with one of our gym instructors. Your induction will be on a one-to-one basis.

Membership cancellations and change of details

To find out more about how you can about you can cancel your membership or request a change of details, please visit

3 Strike rule

If customers do not cancel their public lane swim, toning class or exercise session within 3 hours of it starting, they will receive one strike on their account.

The first and second strike will stay on your account for 6 weeks. Once the member has 3 strikes they cannot pre book for 7 days.

Customers must sign in at reception or via the kiosk or turn style where present BEFORE every gym, swim and class session. Thank you for your co-operation.