Full Body Strength Workout with Dan

October 11th 2019

If you’re short on time or just want to get the most out the gym without being in there 6 days a week, a full body strength program is the way forward says Horizon Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer, Dan.

Lucky for you, Dan is letting you in to his tips and has shared his full body strength workout with you…

To start the workout, pick any cardio of your choice.

Complete a 5 minute warm up, this raises body temperature and brings up your heart rate. Cardio helps to prepare you physically and mentally for the training day while reducing the risk of injury.

Movement 1: Dumbbell reverse Lunge 3×8 per leg

Focus area, Quads and Glutes

Key Points:

-Keep the front foot firmly planted into the ground the whole time

-Do not lunge too far back with the trailing leg

-Come to a complete stand and squeeze the leg and bum at the top. Complete all reps on one leg before moving on

Why: This is a great knee dominate exercise that works a lot of your lower body especially focusing on the front of the leg and bum


Movement 2: Stiff leg deadlift 4×10

Focus area, hamstrings and glutes

Key points:

-Keep a neutral spine and focus on your bum being pushed back

-The bar should stay close to the body, it also does not need to go all the way to the floor

-No need to overextend at the top, squeeze your bum and keep your abdominals engaged

Why: A superb way of working the hip muscles. This hinge based movement also strengthens your lower and upper back


Movement 3: TRX Row 3×10 with a hold

Focus area, latissimus dorsi, rhomboids and biceps

Key Points:

-Start by taking the slack out of the TRX

-Focus on trying to touch your elbows together behind your back

-Hold for a 2 second count at the top

Why: Really working the whole upper back and front the arms, this joint friendly upper body pulling exercise helps with creating better posture


Movement 4: Machine chest press 2×20

Key Points:

-Have the machine handles set to an appropriate height, just under armpit level works for most

-Pinch shoulder blades together

-Don’t reach forward to finish, take the arms to full extension before coming back down under control

Why: Using the machine for higher repetitions on this pushing exercise allows us to focus on moving correctly without worrying about stabilising the weight.


Movement 5: Fit ball Roll out 3×6


Key point:

-Forearms resting on the ball with head looking in between the arms

-keeping the abdominal engaged so the lower back does not bend

-Move the ball away as far as comfortable before moving back, go slow the first time you try this


Why: This is a great way of challenging the midsection without. An advanced variation on a plank that you can progress on for a long time.


Let us know what workouts you would like to see next by emailing us at info@horizonlc.com.