What measures are being taken to ensure Horizon staff and customers are well versed on any new covid safety measures?

It is important to Horizon that our staff and customers are kept safe. To this end we will undertake the following measures where our staff are concerned.

A full health and safety audit is undertaken of each of our staff members work space to ensure that within the work place they are working safely and have access at all times to cleaning materials to keep their work space safe.

If a staff member has any signs of covid they are expected to take a PCR test and stay at home until they have had 2 negative test results to return to work.

We would expect that any customers with symptoms they stay away from Horizon until they are safe to do so, to avoid endangering any other customers using the centres.

We have available sanitizers for customers to use so they can wipe down any equipment they wish too.  If these are not visible, please ask a member of staff.

All equipment is wiped down with sanitizer regularly throughout the day.