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As part of the sign up process, Platinum members will need a club access code which if you don’t have it already can be obtained by emailing us at and quoting your full name and membership number. By return we’ll come back to you with your special club access code.

Have fun and keep fit on us from the comfort of your own home!


10.15am Yoga // 19.00pm Body Combat

09.00am Body Combat // 10.15am PIYO // 18.30pm Body Combat // 19.30pm Body Balance

09.15am Body Balance // 17.45pm Body Combat // 18.45pm Pilates // 19.45pm Yoga

09.15am Yoga // 19.00pm Body Combat // 20.00pm Pilates

09.00am Body Combat // 11.30am Yoga // 18.45pm Body Balance

09.45am Body Combat // 11.00am Body Balance

What to expect - group exercise classes

Horizon Members can access a large range of free, virtual classes via Horizon OnDemand, please email for more information.

Group exercise classes will take place at both Havant and Waterlooville. The large sports hall at Havant will also be used for many fitness classes in the first phase of re-opening. Being considerably more spacious than the fitness studios they will be able to accommodate more attendees and at the recommended safe distance of 3 metre squared.

Anyone considering attending a group exercise class should familiarise themselves with the following protocols.

- So we can control capacity numbers classes will need to be pre-booked via the Horizon app or website. Alternatively you can phone the relevant Leisure Centres to book a class:

Havant Leisure Centre 023 9247 6026
Waterlooville Leisure Centre 023 9224 5900

Platinum Members and Leisure Card holders can book classes 7 days in advance. Pay-as-you-go users can book classes 48 hours in advance with payment.

You will need a membership ID (which is different from the number showing on your card) and a PIN number. Members can email for this information. Non-Members should phone the centres to be registered for an account.

- You must inform Horizon 3 hours before if you are unable to make a class. If you do not you may be charged for the class or receive a strike.

- Please be aware that upon entering Horizon Leisure Centres the wearing of face masks is mandatory until you reach the activity you have come for. You do not have to wear a face mask whilst you are exercising, consuming food/drink or if you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering.

- Class attendees should bring their own water as our water fountains will be out of action

- You will be expected to wash and/or sanitise your hands upon entering the Leisure Centre

- There will be one-way walking directional arrows from the reception area leading to the main sports hall where the classes will take place. The instructor will advise you where to exit the hall at the end of your session.

- Within the sports hall and studios there will be clearly positioned and pre-measured ‘stand here’ floor markers, one for each attendee.

- There will be no sharing of equipment allowed e.g. yoga blocks, dumbbells

- We will not be providing mats; please be sure therefore to bring your own

- We will respectively ask that all attendees leave promptly through the exit indicated at the end of the class so that we can prepare for the next class.

Terms and Conditions

You must have had a gym induction prior to attending gym based classes.

All customers must have taken part in an instructor led cycle class before they are able to take part in a virtual cycle class.

There may be a charge for some specialist classes.

Customers must cancel their class or a strike will be issued. For non-members, if you give less than 3 hours notice you will be charged for the class.

To cancel a class contact Customer Services on 023 9247 6026 Havant or 023 9245 900 Waterlooville.

3 Strike Rule

If customers do not cancel their gym, swim, toning class or exercise session within 3 hours of it starting, they will receive one strike on their account.

The 1st and 2nd strike will stay on your account for 6 weeks. Once the member has 3 strikes they cannot pre book for 7 days.

Customers must sign in at reception or via the kiosk or turn style where present BEFORE every gym, swim and class session. Thank you for your co-operation.

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