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February 2nd 2016

Horizon Leisure Centre Car Winner Donates 3 Cows to Tanzania Orphanage

IMG6740 MediumFrom the left Howard Broad, CE Horizon Leisure Centres, Bianca Carr winner of the Car and Richmond MDMichael Nobes at Waterlooville Leisure Centre handing over the car.

Bianca Carr, a 33 year-old member of Horizon Leisure Centres, collected her new Hyundai i10 from Waterlooville Leisure Centre on Friday 26th February 2016 after winning the Horizon Platinum Membership Competition.

To win the Hyundai i10 and 5 years warranty, supplied by Richmond Hyundai Portsmouth Platinum Members at Horizon Leisure Centres had to join the most friends and/or family on a Platinum Membership by 31st January 2016.

Bianca said ‘I am so happy to have won the Hyundai i10, me and my husband share a car at the moment which can be difficult at times. He has to cycle to work from Emsworth to Portsmouth and he isn’t enjoying it this winter!’

‘We decided that we needed to get a second car and so have been saving up for a new car and had so far managed to save £3,000, but now we don’t need to keep saving up as I have won a new Hyundai i10!’

Bianca told Horizon that because she felt so lucky to have won the car she has spent the £3,000 that she had saved to support an orphanage in Tanzania, by buying 2 pairs of milk cows. It now means the children that live there will have fresh milk.

Carl Shear, Operations Manager at Horizon said ‘Bianca is not only a well-deserved winner with great competitive spirit getting all her family and friends involved but also has a huge heart for donating her savings to Tanzania.’

Bianca has been a Platinum Member at Horizon Leisure Centres since 21st July 2014. She was very pleased to see the return of the competition in 2015 however doubted that she would be in with a chance of winning.

The first person that Bianca signed up was her husband. She then managed to convince her husband’s parents to become members. Eventually Bianca managed to sign up the most members, a mix of her family members and her friends, making her the competition winner.

Michael Nobes, Managing Director at Richmond Hyundai in Portsmouth said ‘We were more than happy to support Horizon after we heard about this great competition. We hope Bianca enjoys her new i10 and 5 years warranty!’

All members who entered the competition tried extremely hard to win the brand new Hyundai i10, the leader board was very competitive towards the end of the competition with members trying extra hard to persuade their friends and family to join up.

Horizon Leisure Centres strive to always fulfil their vision ‘making life better for all users’ and by giving their members the chance to win the new Hyundai i10 it was an opportunity to give back to their members.