Waterlooville gym is bigger and better than ever!

September 23rd 2021

Our award-winning Horizon Waterlooville gym is bigger and better than ever

During the pandemic, we took the opportunity to consider how we could reconfigure the gym to enhance customer experience. The result? The space at Horizon’s Waterlooville Leisure Centre has a fantastic new layout, including a dedicated studio that’s much more spacious than before.

Curious to see what we’ve done? People who are considering our Platinum Membership Scheme are invited to join us for an exclusive tour.

Three floors’ worth of gym space

Our award-winning gym is now bigger and better than ever. It has expanded across three floors and the extra room gives it a light and airy feel.

A raft of enhanced equipment has been introduced to help members progress on their fitness journeys and meet those all-important goals. Level 2 is now much bigger, and we’ve used this larger floor space to house three new power racks and four new fixed bench press stations (two flat, one incline and one decline), all complete with Olympic bars.

Of course, the health and safety of our customers remains our number one priority. Each shiny new piece of equipment we’ve introduced has been positioned at a safe distance from the next, to increase customer confidence and help you feel comfortable working out.

A dedicated studio

The small studio on Level 2 has now moved to its own space, Studio 1 (replacing the World of Play soft play centre). This change means that there’s now a great deal more floor space, so we can accommodate up to 45 class participants, which in turn means we can offer more class availability, so you can sign up for your favourites. What’s more, Studio 1 features new motivational artwork and large mirrors to help you work on your technique.

What are people saying?

The feedback we’ve received from customers has been fantastic.

Sophie: ‘What have you done to the gym? It looks awesome. Well done, Horizon!’

Matt: ‘Like the new layout of the gym and prefer it to before lockdown. The increased space makes it better to train.’

Want to know more?

Why not arrange an appointment to come and see the new space for yourself? Just email our Sales Coordinator Tom at sales@horizonlc.com.