Waterlooville Leisure Centre Landscaping Works Waterberry Drive Frontage

December 27th 2016

Existing trees and scrub vegetation through the Waterlooville Leisure Centre site has been surveyed by an Arboriculturalist in consultation with Havant Borough Council. Some trees are deemed over-mature, requiring removal and much of the existing tree/scrub vegetation requires management.

Horizon Leisure are working in co-operation with Havant Borough Council to enhance the site frontage appearance, improve access for pedestrians/cyclists and to increase parking provision that will complement future leisure facility improvements.

To achieve this, existing trees and scrub along Waterberry Drive will be replaced by a more formal style of ornamental tree planting, with evergreen hedge and groundcover for a well maintained, smart approach to Waterlooville Leisure Centre.

Tree and scrub clearance from the Waterberry site frontage is programmed for January 2107. Replacement planting will follow directly after this during February 2017.

Horizon Leisure are keen to retain and improve the existing tree belt along the Hambledon Road as a valuable screen and wildlife habitat. Long-term management operations to maintain screen density and diversity will comprise selective re-coppicing of trees and scrub each winter to promote regeneration.

If you should have any queries or concerns, please contact Horizon Leisure on 02392 245900 or info@horizonlc.com