Men Only Swimming

Horizon Leisure Centres are fully committed to improving the health and lifestyle of all those in the local community by working closing with members and residents to remove any barriers that may exist which prevent people from taking part in sport and physical activity.

After listening to feedback from the community one such initiative Horizon are trialing is men only swimming. There are currently women only swim sessions at both Havant and Waterlooville Leisure Centres which help remove barriers to participation for many people for a variety of reasons including confidence, religious beliefs, body image and more and we will now be trialing this for men.

This is all part of Horizons pursuit of getting as many people as possible in the community active and creating a better life for all.

The sessions will run for an initial 6 month trial period at both Havant and Waterlooville Leisure Centres.

Waterlooville Leisure Centre

Thursdays 8pm – 9pm

Havant Leisure Centre

Fridays 8pm – 9pm

Promotional Price: £3.00

We welcome your thoughts on the men only swim session trials, so please contact with any feedback.